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December 01, 2010

Toronto, ON

Toronto based Metalsmiths Sterling™ has been tapped to provide sterling silver jewelry and accessories to the hit television show “Lie to Me.

The show, which airs Monday nights at 9pm et/pt, stars Kelli Williams as Dr. Gillian Foster. “The show's wardrobe stylist Victoria Auth contacted us to see where they could purchase a cuff bracelet for Williams, which was featured in September’s Elle magazine,” said Metalsmiths Sterling™ lead designer Peter Konidas. “I am a fan of the show, so I was really excited.

The cuff, which was inspired by a classical Venetian villa, is part of the Panos Konidas collection, which Konidas personally designed and retails for $585.

“After speaking with Victoria, she told me they were looking for a reliable brand where they could use fashionable pieces for the show, so I sent them a catalog along with the cuff,” said Konidas. “ After viewing the catalog and the cuff, the stylist was amazed at the designs and quality of the product, so they decided to chose Metalsmiths Sterling™ as their main source for the show's jewelry wardrobe,” he adds.

The pieces will be worn by Kelli Williams and various other female cast members throughout the show's third season. The cuff, along with the rest of the company's pieces can be seen on their website at

Metalsmiths Sterling™ is a luxury brand of sterling silver jewelry that houses over 30 exclusive collections with over 800 different pieces ranging in price from $80-$1650. The company began in 1998 when two brothers, both graduate gemologists and master fabricators from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) decided to fuse their respective passions - gems and design, to form a luxurious, unique brand where women could find hand crafted, fashion forward sterling silver jewelry. Their award winning designs have been worn by many in the past, including titans of industry and royalty.

“Lie to Me” is a drama series inspired by a real life psychologist who can read clues in the human face, voice and body to expose lies in criminal investigations. It also stars Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman and is produced by Imagine Television in association with 20th Century Fox Television.

Sizing Information

Ring Sizing Tips

Please note that ring sizing is a matter of comfort, above all: finger sizes fluctuate throughout the day and with temperature.
Additional information on ring sizing is available here: we recommend you check the size of a ring you currently love to wear against our sizing. We recommend you print out the attached pdf if you need help determining ring size: we do not recommend attempting to size using a mobile device.

Please note that most of our rings are classified as:

Sizable up or down by up to two sizes in half size increments: if the size you need is not available and falls within 2 sizes up or down of a ring we do have, we can likely size it for you. Charges will apply: see additional information on our ring sizing service available here

Sizable up by a half size: we can size the ring only up and only by about a half size: generally this is due to the detail on the piece and/or the setting of the stone. Charges will apply: see additional information on our ring sizing service available here

Unsizeable due to material or design constraints, the ring cannot be sized: the listed sizes are all that are available.

Additional Ring Sizing Advice

Temperature is Important

Don't measure when your body temperature is either too cold or too hot. A cold finger shrinks while a hot finger expands causing an inaccurate reading. Only measure when fingers are at room temperature.

When Two Sizes Seem to Fit

If you hesitate between two sizes, always go with the larger one.

A Wider Band Needs a Bigger Size

If you consider purchasing a wide band, move up a size from your measurement, for comfort’s sake.

Don't Use Strings

When measuring your finger, always refrain from using a string, they tend to stretch, which can result in wrong size. ALWAYS use a paper strip about 1/2" in width.

Big Knuckles Can Affect Your Size

If your knuckle is a lot larger than the base of your finger, measure both the base of your finger and your knuckle and select a size in between the two.

For Best Results, Use a Plain Band

Extra wide band styles tend to run slightly small. If you're borrowing a ring for sizing and it has a narrower shaft than the one you wish to purchase, you may wish to order a ring a size larger than the normal size worn. Also, large stone rings may cause the shank to lift up when laid on its side on the display, slightly distorting the size measurements.

Is There a Difference Between Sizes for Men and for Women?

No: ring sizes range in a continuous scale used for both men and women.

Chain Selection

Our pendants are sold with a Metalsmiths Sterling™ chain with a secure lobster clasp and logo tag of quality - the price includes a chain selected to best coordinate with the pendant. For most pieces, the standard length is an 18" chain, but more petite pieces may include a 16" chain and larger pieces may include a 20" chain: you can select your preferred length for any pendant upon purchase.

As a general guideline, 16" chains are considered choker length - pendants on this length of chain tend to sit near the base of the throat: 18" is standard or classic length, and usually lets the pendant rest near the collarbone or clavicle, above the collar of most shirts. 22" - 24" chains tend to sit a little lower, but still above the chest. 28" - 36" chains usually result in the pendant resting below the bust line and make for a more dramatic statement. The actual fit will vary from person: this is only a general guide.